The Book

The Math House helps young children understand basic addition concepts and operations associated with regrouping through the visual depiction of a house.
Dr. Davis, a veteran educator and owner of several education businesses, developed this program to get students excited about math by using interactive learning. Instead of memorization, it helps students to complete math problems based on reasoning and engagement. This approach has proven successful in motivating children.
Featuring elements such as windows, a door, and an attic, the program builds on students’ prior knowledge of a house. By working through problems using this real-life setting, children are better able to understand the process of addition with regrouping.
This developmental program is aligned with common core standards, and builds on students’ strengths, providing them with confidence with the math experience. It can be used in the classroom or at home!
Filled with dialogues and scripts, step-by-step examples, clear objectives, and post-assessments, this workbook will be an invaluable resource for students, especially those struggling with conceptual descriptions contained in traditional textbooks.